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June 20, 2017

Yelakki Banana

Yelakki Banana is one of the most commonly cultivated commercial bananas especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is the slender, medium tall plant bearing dark green fruits that turn golden yellow with highly fragrant, tasty, powdery and firm fruits. The plants bearing the fruits are smaller with prominent beak packed closely round the axis having a windblown appearance. Unripe fruits turn bright yellow upon ripening. The pulp of the fruit is ivory white in color. It is special for long transportation. The skin is usually thin but the flesh is sweet. It is capable of producing 10-14 hands and 12-15 fingers consisting of 100-150 fruits per plant.

Matured height of the Sweet banana is 25 feet.

The length of the fruit is 4-5’’.

– True to the type
– High market value
– High yield and quality
– Early Maturity
– Free from all diseases at the time of supply
– Throughout the year plantation possible
– Uniform growth of fruits

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