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June 22, 2017


Dendrobium plants are varied, but most varieties bloom in sprays with delicateflorets that are 1 inch to 2 inches across, blooming along a central sturdy stem. Dendrobium are available in an array of colors including purple, pink, fuchsia, white, yellow, green and bicolors. Purples and whites are the most popular and available. The Dendrobium is available all year round, with a peak in the autumn. There are two types of Dendrobium, the compactum and the phalaenopsis hybrids. The compactum varieties often have multiple canes (fully-grown pseudobulbs), and therefore also several branches with smaller flowers (1 to 7 centimetres). The phalaenopsis hybrids have one or two branches with larger flowers (7 centimetres or larger).

– True to the type
– High market value
– Healthy and disease free
– Economically highly profitable as the planting material is in the form of
sprouted shoots whereas in the traditional way of plantation lowers
yield and invite diseases
–¬† Throughout the year planting can be done
– Tissue culture planting material accommodates less space and more plants

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