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June 20, 2017

Grand Naine (G9) – Banana

G9 is one of the most commonly cultivated Cavendish bananas. These are the high yielding plantain among all the banana varieties which is introduced to India from Israel. It is the solid green fruit with high export value and economically highly profitable producing 16 hands and 16 fingers consisting of 225-250 fruits per plant. This variety has good wind resistance and excellent landscaping potential. Matured height of the Yellow Banana King is 6-8 feet. The size of Yellow Banana King fruit is 41 mm usually which is the preferred size for export. Length of the fruit is 10.5 – 11’’; Girth of the fruit is 5.5 – 6”.

– True to the type
– Synchronous flowering
– High market value
– High yield and quality
– Early Maturity
– Free from all diseases at the time of supply
– Throughout the year plantation possible
– Uniform growth of fruits

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